Organizational Book

Organizing your child’s data for easy review: Do it Right

The special education system generates mountains of paper. Some information is very important, which can make you afraid to throw anything away. The mountain of paper grows higher every year. What do you do with it? How do you organize this information?

You need a simple, easy to follow, document organizational system.

Think about the last school meeting. Did the IEP team members have a complete copy of your child’s file? Did you have a complete copy of your child’s file? How can the IEP team make decisions about your child’s special education program if they do not have complete, accurate information about your child?

Schools keep records in different places. Information and reports can be misplaced. When you organize your child’s file, you will have all the information about your child in one place. With our document organizational system, you can keep track your child’s educational history. By using our easy to follow system, you can quickly locate any document in your child’s file.

When you take your organized file to the next school meeting, you will understand the power of getting organized. You will gain a sense of control.

Get an organized binder already prepared:

  • Logs
  • Who is who and how you reach them?
  • Pre-meeting
  • IEP Snapshots
  • And much more

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